Honest. Passionate. Experienced.

J.M. Gandy & Aikens is guided by four principles: complete honesty and integrity in business; a focus on people over profit; unwavering commitment to excellence; and long-term, strategic thinking. Here, at J.M. Gandy & Aikens, we strive to be a leading online retailer & digital content creator that always does business by the book.

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Connecting customers with need-based solutions one product or service at a time.

J.M. Gandy & Aikens is tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping our clients by providing quality products and services. Leveraging strategic partnerships and an established supply chain network, we’ve quickly become one of the most reliable and dependable online retailers in the e-commerce space. We are confident that our team’s unique experiences and customer-driven focus will continue to be the driving force behind client satisfaction.

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What We Do

Online Retailer

We work daily to earn and keep customers’ trust through meticulous product research, a dependable supply chain, and excellent customer service.

Content Creation

With an eye toward change, a passion for impact, and a commitment to problem solving, we are constantly driven to create content that matters.


Our consultants leverage decades of life & career experience to deliver workable solutions that meet unique client needs both personally and professionally.